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DHS-B human electrostatic discharge device

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Product introduction
Technical Parameters
Explosion-proof certificate
At present, some inflammable and explosive dangerous sites still use a metal conductor grounding directly to eliminate human body electrostatic discharge way, although this way can eliminate human body static electricity, but the way in the form of discharge between the conductor release of electrostatic charge, electrostatic discharge time is short, instantaneous release energy, resulting in the human body electric shock or fire explosion accident of the possibility and inevitability.
DHS series human static electricity release meter makes up for the deficiency of current human static electricity conduction and removal mode. Through reasonable human static electricity release resistance, the electrostatic discharge current is at uA level, which ensures the charge transfer amount <0.1uC, reduces the human static electricity instantaneous release energy, and effectively avoids the occurrence of fire and explosion accidents and the phenomenon of human being shocked.


The performance characteristics of

1. The touch ball is made of electrostatic subconductor, which does not cause inductive shock to human body;
2. Real-time detection of ground resistance to ensure reliable grounding.
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Electrical parameters

1. Explosion-proof grade:ExiaIICT6Gb/Ex iaD21T80℃

2. Working temperature:-40℃~+60℃

3. Surface resistivity of touch body:107Ω --109Ω

4. Charge transfer amount:<0.1uC

5. Ground wire: the length is 3 meters


The mechanical parameters

1. Touch the sphere: 145mm (diameter)

2. Overall height of the equipment:110cm

3. Shaft diameter:45mm

4. Shaft wall thickness:1.0mm

5. Foot plate diameter:182mm

6. Foot plate wall thickness:3.0mm

7. Diameter of foot plate mounting hole:12mm

8. Indicator plate size:225mm*305mm


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