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DYS-Y portable electrostatic ground alarm

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Product introduction
Technical Parameters
Explosion-proof certificate

Static electricity ground alarm is designed for dangerous places where static electricity needs to be grounded to ensure the reliable grounding of the conducting electrostatic circuit and the safety of static electricity ground in the storage and transportation of dangerous goods.

Electrostatic ground alarm includes DYS-G fixed electrostatic ground alarm and DYS-Y mobile electrostatic ground alarm.


Product features

1. Ultra-low power consumption design, no battery replacement during normal use;
2. Convenient operation and 24-hour uninterrupted duty;
3. Integral epoxy resin seal, anti-corrosion, waterproof and moisture-proof;
4. Provide sound alarm and timely understand the working status;
5. Detection of electrostatic grounding resistance < 55 Ω;
6. Continuously alarm for 8 minutes, automatically enter the dormant state, and immediately wake up when the fault is removed;
7. The electrostatic ground clamp has strong elastic force, and the paint is broken to remove rust, so as to ensure the ground is reliable.



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1. Explosion proof grade: exiaiict6ga / ex iad21t80 ℃

2. Working voltage: 3.6V

3. Static current: < 20ua

4. Working temperature: - 40 ℃ ~ + 60 ℃

5. Response time: < 1s

6. Detection resistance: < 55 Ω

7. Alarm mode: sound alarm

8. Cable length: fixed type: electrostatic grounding clamp end wire is 5m long and grounding wire is 3M long;

                         Mobile: the length of electrostatic grounding clamp wire is 5M and 3M.




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